Saturday, 5 December 2015

Personality Twists

Saturday, 5 December 2015
~People's personalities, like buildings, have various façades, some pleasant to view, some not - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

all the same, but so many varieties. Just like people. All the same, but everyone has their own scars, cuts and wounds. I myself am one person but I have like ... three personalities. The rational, intellectual one, the emotional, caring one, and the sassy, sarcastic one. that sounds weirder than it is tbh
All of them are me and I use all of them in various situations and with various people. After being gone for the week, I discovered something new behind the various faces people wear.

I don't know if any of you has experienced this before: A person, let's call this person 64, acts in a really comfortable way in front of you, but completely changes as soon as
A there are other people around you, or
B when talking to somebody else?
please tell me I'm not the only one who observes people while they talk to others

Most of us know case A. Your crush changes when he/she's with his/her friends. Your new friend seems a little different when he/she is around old friends. That makes one feel uncomfortable but some of these 64 take this to a whole new level: They act around you in one way, go to the next person, put on a different face and act like the bloody opposite! Most times this comes with ignoring or abandoning you.
As you can see, I'm not talking about acting differently around friends, family, strangers or your crush I'd turn into a total retard while talking to that last one anyway. This feels more like you discover a new person within the person you thought you knew. But you realise you didn't.

And personally, I think it's really hard to figure out on how to act around these people and how much you can trust them. I mean, it's obvious that you can't love and cherish all the faces people have. If you are able to care for more than one face you've earned a close friend - or a lover.
But what happens when you see someone's second face and you just don't like it or even feel like it's quite disturbing? It might make you think about the relationship you have with this person. About how 64 acted around you and around them, how different the personality seems. You can either accept and tolerate it (earning yourself a new friend) or you can take a step back, getting to know this new face, taking care of yourself and your trust (and/or just keep a platonic friendship).
I know you might lose friends this way. It hurts because people touch your life and leave traces before disappearing. And in the end it's just about you, since it is your life. I just don't think people like a 64 stay true to themselves. And I want to know a person for who they are and not for who they think I want them to be.

I'm really curious though, if any of you have experienced something like this. My last 64 was a fuckboy and changing faces totally works for fuckboys. Maybe even only with fuckboys. A new face for every girl~
But did you have an old or new friend changing so much that it changed something inside of you or how you felt about him/her? Or is it just my emotional self talking? Please, tell me down below in the comments.

off out,
ranting thinker,
Lu Ann


  1. ich weiß nicht, ich mag einfach deine art zu denken - ok, das klang jetzt komischer als es klingen sollte! ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass ich persönlich den fall b zum glück noch nicht erleben musste...

  2. our conversation about this was so important. and I think you expressed it greatly here. it's an important realization.

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer.

  3. cause I still can't respond on comments, I'll just use disqus :D
    thank you very much b. Our conversation helped me a lot as well <3

  4. haha, nein nein, alles gut. tausend dank!
    dann kannst du wirklich froh sein, und ich wünsche dir dass es dir nicht passiert :)